Texas Holdem Strategy and Tips

Learning the Basics of Texas Holdem

Firstly, you have made the right choice by deciding to start with Texas Holdem Poker.

No other variation of the game is so popular or so widely played on the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter) right now. Many of the leading online poker rooms are taking on hundreds, if not, thousands, of new players very regularly, so you have a great chance of finding people at a similar level to play against.

Texas Holdem Poker – Getting Started Playing Online Texas Holdem

So you want to start playing online poker?

You've heard the stories of people starting out in small money tournaments, and going all the way to the World Series? Or else you've read about professional poker players, and feel that you could do the same as they have? Or maybe you just think you could do well enough at it to bring in a little bit of extra very welcome income?

Whatever your motives for coming in to the world of online Texas Holdem Poker, you need to think things through very carefully before putting your money down.

Sit and Go Strategy

Single Table Tournaments or "Sit n Go's" as they are commonly called are a wonderful and exciting opportunity for solid poker players. Practically every site has single table tournaments, and is generally one of their busiest sections.

Becoming good at single table tournaments can pay off in the form of winning satellite tournaments to major poker tournament events. Both World Series of Poker winners in 2003 and 2004, earned their way in through satellite events at PokerStars.com. Other sites offer great sit n go promotions such as the Jackpot Sit n Go's at Titan Poker.

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