Bluffing In Texas Holdem Poker

With the burgeoning rise of online Texas Holdem Poker, many seasoned offline veterans are starting to make their presence felt online. There is no doubt that the expansion of online poker is giving new opportunities to all sorts of people, to either progress in the game, or to get your first start without spending a lot of money, or needing to find a real bricks and mortar game.

What has to be considered by veteran players before they sign up, is that there are some very significant differences between the two forms of poker.

One of the most significant difference is in the reduced opportunities for bluffing, due to the fact that no player can see the face, or judge the body language, of any of the other players. This will be of little consequence to many veteran players, but of great importance to others, as the amount of bluffing done is very much a personal thing.

Whatever your style of play, however, there is no escaping the fact that online poker affords far fewer opportunities for the use of bluff.

Bluffing can still be used in online Texas Holdem Poker. The bluff is used by betting heavily with a poor hand, in order to make your opponents think that you have something much better. This is intended to make the opponents fold instead of calling the bet or even raising.

Another type of bluff is the opposite – betting lightly when you have an extremely good hand in order to make your opponents believe that you only have a mediocre hand, and that they can beat you. This will lead to the pot being bigger at the end of the hand. These kind of bluffs can clearly be carried off just as well in an online game as in a bricks and mortar one. Possibly even better, as there is no chance of an opponent reading your body language and realising you are actually bluffing.

In Texas Holdem Poker bluffing has to be used to some degree as part of your poker strategy, otherwise the constant need to post blinds will erode your bank and make you a guaranteed loser. You need to win some pots to stay even or win. Many players whose stack of chips is starting to shrink will be drawn into making ever more bluffs because they know the time is growing short for them to win back some money and stay in the game.

Knowing this allows experienced players to often 'pick on' these poor players and attempt to drive them from the game.
Most experienced players would consider it highly prudent to just lick your wounds and walk away if you find yourself in this situation. If you can cut losses to a minimum, and still retain some of your bank from games where everything has gone against you, then you stand a far better chance of emerging from a long run of games with a profit. Never forget that the vast majority of players lose a lot of the time. One significant reason for this is they 'throw caution to the winds' and bluff recklessly when they are having a bad night.

Bluffing is certainly possible, in some situations required, and sometimes possibly even inevitable, but the wise player will cut it to the absolute minimum and only bluff at Texas Holdem when the cards and the table are right for them to capitalise on it. Bluffing is part of a poker strategy, don't get carried away with it.

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