Texas Holdem Poker – Getting Started Playing Online Texas Holdem

So you want to start playing online poker?

You've heard the stories of people starting out in small money tournaments, and going all the way to the World Series? Or else you've read about professional poker players, and feel that you could do the same as they have? Or maybe you just think you could do well enough at it to bring in a little bit of extra very welcome income?

Whatever your motives for coming in to the world of online Texas Holdem Poker, you need to think things through very carefully before putting your money down.

The first essential is to make sure that you do your research into the Texas Holdem Rules, and especially the hand rankings. That is easy to do, especially in the modern world of computers and the internet where information is available so easily.

Of course the limits and the betting round structures will vary from game to game, but make sure you understand the basic texas holdem poker strategy.

If you are completely new to the game you would be well advised to start at the free poker tables run by most of the better poker rooms, so that any mistakes you do make can be laughed off.

So many of the tutorials on online Texas Holdem Poker do not bother to consider the equipment that you will be using, but they do the beginner a disservice. Although a slow computer and poor internet connection will not mean that you lose money in hands where problems occur, they can easily mean you being sidelined at a time you are sitting on a potential big win, and the considerable loss of opportunity.

Most of the online poker rooms operate what is known as an 'all-in' disconnection policy, which can considerably reduce your winnings if you are disconnected at the wrong time.

Opinion is very much divided as to how valuable practice on the free tables actually is, as without real money being involved, the emotions are totally different from those which you will face in real games. It is also possible that, if you continue too long in free games, you will develop a sense of fear about diving in to the real thing. Probably the best option is to start at the free tables, until you feel totally confident about knowing the rules, and then move quickly up into a paid game, albeit at an extremely low level.

In those very low stake games it is virtually impossible to lose significant amounts of money unless you play like a total maniac, yet they have a totally different feel from the free games. Cutting down the amount of time spent in free games, and moving up as quickly as possible, will give you the best possible chance of assessing your own strengths and weaknesses.

Sign up for just one site initially, after checking our our Poker Reviews, get used to the feel of their poker rooms, start in the free games, but don't spend too much time in there. Move up as quickly as you can into the paid games, but only move up to the higher stake games when you feel you are really ready and you can bet with stakes that you won in the smaller games.

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