Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Keeping Notes in Poker

With the meteoric rise of online Texas Holdem Poker over the last decade, many newcomers to the game are now deciding to try their hand. These newcomers often dive in without any due preparation, and suffer financially as a result. Most take the most basic steps of learning the Texas Holdem Rules, and how the hands rank, but few go further and take the necessary steps to prepare themselves properly for what can be an extremely risky first foray into the world of online poker.

One of the chores associated with playing online Texas Holdem Poker is that of note taking. Essential, but so rarely done by the majority of players. One of the reasons so many experienced veterans of the offline poker games are reluctant to come and try online Texas Holdem Poker, is because they believe that they will lose the ability to read an opponent through the use of tells. These will often signal to a good player what the poorer player may be holding. With online poker, the best we can do is take notes, and try to gather as much information we can about our regular opponents.

Note taking can be even more effective than the online tell. If you are in a bricks and mortar game, and you try to read a player, that player may be aware of what you are doing, and try to avoid giving any signal. In fact, they could be deliberately trying to send you the wrong signals. With note taking, there is no possibility of anyone else in the game finding out you are taking notes, or being able to read the notes, or deliberately faking their behavior because you are taking notes.

You can start off taking notes by using the facility on your computer, or by using the good old fashioned pen and paper. The most basic information that you need to record is the name of the player, where he comes from, when he enters the game, and with how much? The information about the country of origin could be useful if you find a player who plays at unusual times, People playing at unusual times are more prone to tiredness. This is only a generalization, of course, but it will hold true often enough to make the information worth recording.

By recording the buy ins and the cash outs of each player you come across, you will get a general idea of the quality of these players. Use these figures in conjunction with your own observations, of course. Then, having noted these details, you can begin to note observations about each player on the same page, or possibly on the opposite page of the book. Every time the player does something of note, write it down. Pay special attention to behavior patterns which keep occurring. Whenever you get to see the hole cards that the player has played, note those down. You will never be able to see all of the hole cards, of course, but you will be able to gain a very valuable insight into the player's general Texas Holdem Poker strategy.

Third part note taking software

Just want to add, that when taking notes that it important that you use some form of shorthand that you can quickly type in. And of course you want to be able to understand what the shorthand means when you read it again several months after taking the notes.

I don’t want to suggest a list of abbreviations. It is essential that you think of your own abbreviations and shorthand.

But as an example, one of mine is OBORWS. This means On button, only raises with strength. It gives me a fairly good indication of how that person plays when on the button, and also lets me know how to defend my blinds against him.

If you need something more sophisticated than the note taking facilities provided by the poker rooms, you can search the internet for 3rd party poker software which allows you to take notes on poker players.

Look for features that allow you to add your own individual abbreviations, notes and traits.

Lots of top professional poker players have admitted that they keep poker notes and that the notes give them a winning edge.



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