Beginner's Strategy For Surviving At Texas Holdem Poker

Since the first online Texas Holdem Poker site opened in 1995, we have seen a phenomenal growth in the number of sites offering Texas Holdem, and the number of people playing the game. Many of the people who come to Texas Holdem Poker simply dive in without due care and attention, and thereby vastly increase their chances of making initial losses. Texas Holdem Poker is hard to master. It is absolutely insane to make it even harder by not fully understanding the job in hand and some basic poker strategy.

It is advisable to formulate a plan of action in advance, before you even think about joining a site. This is especially true if you are totally new to poker, and do not even fully understand the rules.

For the absolute beginner, the essential first step is to start by reading some of the highly informative internet sites. Just browse our rules and you will also need to check out our Poker Hand Ranking page before going any further.

While we are on the subject of the internet, make sure your equipment is good enough for online Texas Holdem Poker. It is very unlikely that any modern computer will not be good enough but when it comes to downloading a poker room, check the requirements first.

What is not so certain is your internet connection. Ideally, you need broadband, but if you are in a non broadband area, you can still play. There is just a greater risk of disconnection. Whichever site or sites you join, be sure to check the disconnection policy, even if you are on broadband. One day it will happen, and you need to know what will happen, in advance.

It is probably best to select one or two sites to try to begin with. Any more than this, and you are making it harder for yourself to become familiar with the rules, the layout, and the betting buttons and general feel of the site.

When you first join a site, make sure you have a little go on the free tables. This will allow you to become familiarised with the graphics, the clock, and the way the games are run.

Don't worry too much about winning in the first instance, but once you are familiar with the site, treat the free games as if they were real, even if the other players don't. Try to move up to the lowest stake paid action as quickly as possible, because there is a massive difference between even low stake games and free games. You need to overcome the fear of playing for money.

Make sure you can set aside a budget of about 200 times the big blind of the lowest stake games at the sites you have chosen to play. This will give you enough of a chip stack to take any bad runs you might get. Even the best players get them so don't start playing with the idea in your head that you'll win most of the games dealt. In fact, you shouldn't even be playing very many of them.

Stick with the fixed limit games in the first instance. If you do well, and increase your bank to 200 times the maximum limit of the next level up, then move up.

Be prepared, however, to move down again if the budget should sink below that level. Then, try to build your career as you go along. Keep reading, keep learning, and never stop trying to improve your Texas Holdem Poker Strategy. Check back to New Texas Holdem ( regularly for more tips, strategy guides and new reviews.

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