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The Quick Guide to Playing Small Pairs

It can be tricky when your dealt a small pair pre-flop in Texas Holdem. By small pair I mean from pocket 2s up to pocket 6s. These aren't easy cards to fold but if you don't hit a set on the flop, they're very difficult to win with.

Here's a guide to maximising your pre-flop small pairs and I've found this is a decent strategy when playing Texas Holdem poker to maximise the potential of the cards whilst retaining a folding strategy to minimise any losses that small pairs can invariably lead to.

Bluffing In Texas Holdem Poker

With the burgeoning rise of online Texas Holdem Poker, many seasoned offline veterans are starting to make their presence felt online. There is no doubt that the expansion of online poker is giving new opportunities to all sorts of people, to either progress in the game, or to get your first start without spending a lot of money, or needing to find a real bricks and mortar game.

What has to be considered by veteran players before they sign up, is that there are some very significant differences between the two forms of poker.

Choosing a Table When Playing Texas Holdem

The game of online poker, in particular Texas Holdem Poker, has enjoyed fantastic growth in the last decade. Since the first poker site went online in 1995, many others have joined the party, and the choices open to the fledgling player can now seem daunting. Many players are tempted to choose the poker site by the amount of the sign up bonus. This is a very short sighted way of looking at the problem, and will often be counterproductive.

How Secure is Online Texas Holdem Poker

With the rapid growth of online poker sites over the last decade, many more people are being attracted to the fast action money game that you can play with complete strangers from all over the world, right in the comfort of your own home. When a newcomer decided to join the fray and have a go at online Texas Holdem Poker for the first time, he is usually subject to several concerns about the safety aspect. After all, it is their own hard earned money that is at risk once they deposit it to the poker site.

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